Getting Help

This is a non-exhaustive list of available legal resources. Many are free or low-cost.

Au bas de l'échelle

A grassroots organization that provides legal information to non-unionized workers. Their goal is to inform non-unionized workers about their rights at work and how to exercise these rights. They provide legal information services that are free and confidential. Consultations can be done by phone or in person. 


Barreau du Québec

The bar association of the province of Quebec. The website includes a directory of lawyers searchable by field of law, language, and geographic location. The website also includes information on how to verify the status of a lawyer (whether the person is a member in good standing of the Barreau du Québec and whether they have been the subject of disciplinary measures). 


Boussole Juridique

A search engine and directory of free and low-cost legal resources in Quebec. The database includes legal resources for many different topics, including businesses and non-profits, discrimination and human rights, workplace accidents, and employment. The database includes online, over-the-phone, and in-person resources

Canadian Bar Association

The bar association of Canada. The website includes a directory of lawyers searchable by field of law, language, and geographic location. The website also includes a list of organizations providing public legal education and information to citizens in all Canadian provinces. 


Commission des services juridiques​

The Quebec agency charged with providing legal aid to financially eligible Quebecers as well as other services. Their website covers the eligibility criteria and application process for legal aid in the province of Quebec and frequently asked questions surrounding legal aid. 


Employment Insurance Benefits & Leave

A federal government service that provides benefits related to job loss, sickness benefits, maternity and parental benefits, caregiving benefits and leave, and benefits for the self-employed. This webpage includes information on the scope of benefits, application procedures, and all relevant laws and regulations. 

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS)

A federal government service that provides dispute resolution and dispute prevention assistance to trade unions and employers under the jurisdiction of the Canada Labour Code. The FMCS provides conciliation and mediation officers for dispute resolution assistance. They also provide training workshops on collective bargaining and joint conflict resolution, which are intended to prevent disputes before they occur. 

Greater Montreal Community Justice Center​​

A free legal clinic open to all citizens regardless of their income or legal problem. The clinic offers legal information services, assists in referring clients to legal, community or other resources depending on their needs, and provides assistance in accessing help from government and non-profit organizations. No appointment is required.

Head & Hands

A legal clinic for clients of all ages where they can meet with volunteer lawyers who provide legal advice and legal information on various areas of law. Clients can make appointments for half-hour or fifteen-minute consultations. The clinics Legal Services Coordinator also provides free legal services for youth aged 12 to 25. 

Help and Information Center on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (GAIHST)

A non-profit community center that helps victims of workplace sexual and/or psychological harassment. Their services include answering clients questions relating to workplace sexual and psychological harassment and offering support and assistance to people who file a legal complaint or claim relating to this type of situation. 

Immigrant Workers Center

A community organization based in Montreal. The Center defends the rights of immigrants in their places of work. Some of their principal objectives include:

  • Popular education about worker’s rights;

  • Improving living and working conditions for immigrant workers;

  • Mobilizing around workplaces issues (including workplace accidents, harassment, unpaid wages or overtime, maternity leave, etc.); and

  • Providing a safe place for immigrant workers to receive information, resources, and referrals.


Juris Référence

A free online referral service that connects citizens to lawyers on the basis of region and area of law. Applicants must fill out an online questionnaire describing the specifics of their case. If their case is accepted, applicants will be assigned to a lawyer and will be offered an initial half-hour consultation for a fixed rate of 30$ (taxes may apply). 


Justice Pro Bono

A non-profit organization that provides legal expertise to Quebecers ineligible for legal aid but lacking the resources to access legal services. Legal aid (see Commission des services juridiques) is a government legal service that provides eligible Quebec citizens access to legal counsel free of charge or at low cost.

Legal Information Clinic at McGill

A legal information clinic at McGill University where law students provide information on most areas of Quebec law, including employment. The clinic offers free and bilingual services to anyone seeking legal information and/or referrals. The clinic does not provide legal advice.

Mile End Legal Clinic

A legal clinic in Mile End that provides free legal information, advice, and accompaniment. The clinic serves low-income individuals who are not eligible for legal aid but who do not have the means to pay for private legal services. The clinic operates according on “walk-in” basis. 

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

A federal government service that provides advice and information for individuals about protecting personal information. The OPC also enforces two federal privacy laws that set out the rules for how federal government institutions and certain businesses must handle personal information. On their website, you can find information on filing a privacy complaint against a business or a federal institution: click here

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The national police force of Canada. 

Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM)

The police force of the city of Montreal. 

Sûreté du Québec (SQ)

The police force of the province of Quebec. 

YWCA Legal Information Clinic

The YWCA Legal Information Clinic offers confidential, individual, 30-minute information sessions by appointment with a volunteer lawyer or notary. They offer services in a variety of legal areas, including labour law. The individual consultations are reserved for women and their families only, and the cost varies between $0 and $20.