Important Laws: Quebec

Quebec Laws

This is a non-exhaustive list of Quebec laws that pertain to employment. Click on the title of the law to access the full text.

Act respecting collective agreement decrees D-2

This Quebec law governs the creation of collective agreements and gives the CNESST responsibility for overseeing their creation. 

Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases A-3.001 

This Quebec law provides compensation for eligible employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses and ensures their right to return to work. The CNESST handles complaints pertaining to this law.


Act respecting labour standards N-1.1 

This Quebec law sets forth the minimum standards that most Quebec employers must provide to their employees (other employees are instead covered by the Canada Labour Code). Employers may offer better working conditions, but they can never offer less. The CNESST applies this law. Among other things, this law deals with:

  • Public holidays and vacation time;

  • Minimum wage;

  • Length of the regular work week;

  • Termination of employment and layoffs;

  • Psychological harassment; and

  • Work performed by children.


Act respecting occupational health and safety S-2.1

This Quebec law aims to prevent workplace accidents and illnesses. Employers must remove the sources of danger to employees’ health and safety. The CNESST handles complaints pertaining to this law.

Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector P-39.1

This Quebec law governs the types of information employers can gather on their employees, how they can gather this information, and whom they can communicate this information to. 

Charter of human rights and freedoms C-12 

Quebec’s human rights law contains, among other things, non-discrimination rights, equality rights, the right to fair and reasonable conditions of employment, and the right to protection against any form of exploitation. 

Charter of the French language C-11 

This Quebec charter defines French as the official language of the provincial government and the normal and everyday language of commerce and business. This charter outlines the language requirements for client-employee communication, signage, workplace documents, and more. 


Civil Code of Quebec CCQ-1991

Quebec’s civil code contains, among other things, provisions pertaining to employment contracts, non-competition agreements, employees’ duty of loyalty towards their employers, and non-discrimination in the application of pay equity laws.


Labour Code of Quebec C-27


This Quebec law regulates the development and management of trade unions. The law establishes standards for elections within unions, strike declarations, the signing of collective agreements, and more, as well as exceptions to these standards. 


Pay Equity Act E-12.001

This Quebec law requires employers with 10 or more employees to ensure pay equity, or equal pay for equivalent work. The CNESST applies this law.

Regulation respecting labour standards N-1.1, r. 3

This Quebec law sets the minimum wage, the maximum payable meal and accommodation expenses by employers, standard workweek hours, standards for night-time work by children, and exceptions to these provisions. 

Workers Compensation Act A-3

This Quebec law sets minimum standards for benefits, indemnities, medical aid, and rehabilitation as they relate to workplace accidents.